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A Year of Living Without

Inspired by Leo Babauta’s version and 30 Challenges to Enlightenment, I’ve decided to embark on this challenge as a way of gaining motivation and inspiration throughout the year.

Each month, I’ll give up one bad habit. Something that I daily do and generally don’t want to give up.


March. Meat.

I’ve always wanted to become vegan and in general eat healthier, but never sticked to it for more than a few days. The problem with my previous attempts was that I wanted to do it all at once, cutting eggs, dairy, and meat from my diet from day one.

This time, however, I’ll give up one thing at a time, starting with meat. At the end of March I’ll write a report of my experiences, failures, and lessons learned.

Let expand our boundaries!

April. TV/Digital Entertainment.

May. Internet.

June. Car.

July. Computer.

August. Sugar.

September. Smartphone/tablet.

October. Dairy.

November. “Hunger Gamer.” Alternate-day fasting.


More habits to consider (either to implement or to quit): polyphasic sleep (Uberman or Everyman 3), meditate 2h/day, eat vegan, wake up early (4:00-5:00AM), write 2h/day, no caffeine, microdose, sit for longer than 30m at a time.

Also check out Manuel Moreale’s version.