Amor Fati

A Year of Living Without

By Diego Arzola

Inspired by Leo Babauta’s version and 30 Challenges to Enlightenment, I’ve decided to embark on this challenge as a way of gaining motivation and inspiration throughout the year.

Each month, I’ll give up one bad habit. Something that I do daily and generally don’t want to give up. So…

January. Let’s start with something difficult: sugar.

I’m addicted to sugary products, and you too, probably — most people are anyway. I also have mild acne: this challenge will help me reduce it.

By sugar, I mean the unhealthy junk that is so prevalent nowadays:

This list doesn’t include honey or fruits. I consider these healthy forms of unprocessed sugar. Nothing to worry about.

At the end of January I’ll write a detailed report, so subscribe to stay tuned!

List of random habits to consider (either implementing or quitting):