Diego Arzola: How to enjoy suffering

Your reaction when reading the title could be: this guy is crazy, who enjoys suffering? And in such case, how does he do it? But this post has nothing to do with masochism, but with reducing our aversion toward certain “negative” emotions.

We take suffering as something negative, bad, and to be avoided. You could be right.

However, it’s a normal part in our lives. Suffering is part of you and me. That’ s why it’s important to learn to reduce our aversion toward it.

The question is, how?

  1. Experience it fully. Stop negating your suffering, since it can be counterproductive. Accept your present situation and feel it. What you call negative is relative. Suffering isn’t negative. It’s simply suffering, nor negative neither positive.
  2. ¬†Suffering, as fear, hatred, and jealousy, it’s normal to feel it. Why to dramatize your situation to make it worse? Don’t take it too seriously and you’ll see how your aversion decreases day per day, until experience it excuse-less.


You can enjoy suffering

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